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Moroccan Dowry Box Inlaid with White Camel Bone Rectangular Carved Wood Trunk

Antique handcrafted Moroccan jewelry wooden box with camel bone inlay trunk.
A large early 20th century decorative Moroccan camel bone casket with brass carrying handles on bun feet.
Magnificent large rectangular shape Moroccan dowry box decorated with white and black bone inlay over wood.
Exquisitely intricate hand-carved Moorish floral and geometric Islamic design pattern in front, top and sides, this chest is both a feast for your senses as well as the ideal place to store your most treasured items.
Dimensions: Height: 11 in Width: 22 in Depth: 13.5 in.
Handcrafted in Morocco circa 1940s.

This Exquisite antique Moroccan box is a true testament to the skill and artistry of the Moroccan artisans.
The inlays form an intricate Moorish mosaic-like pattern on the surface of the box, creating a mesmerizing interplay of iridescent hues. Delicate pieces of camel bone in white with black accent and brass nails, carefully cut and polished, are skillfully arranged to form elaborate geometric motifs and floral designs. The Islamic Moorish geometrical design adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the box. Handcrafted from solid wood its rectangular shape is adorned with metal handles and hardware and metal silvered nails, lending an elegant and timeless quality.
The lid of the box is hinged, allowing it to open smoothly to reveal a spacious interior lined with velvet, perfect for storing precious belongings or treasured keepsakes.
A rare Moroccan large jewelry box inlaid throughout with camel bone in geometric design and arabesque motifs.
Syrian, Turkish wooden jewelry box inlaid with mother-of-pearl, camel bone, wood and pewter. Middle Eastern box handcrafted in very fine Moorish micro mosaic diamonds, and a continuous hexagonal motif design intricately adorn nearly every square inch of this exquisite Syrian jewelry box. A stunning antique Moorish jewelry box dating from the late 1940s.
The box is of rectangular form with hinged cover, the wooden frame mounted with camel bone in varying shapes and in contrasting colors.
In good restored condition with only very minor defects. 
The craftsmanship and artistry of this antique Moroccan box are truly exceptional.
It represents the rich cultural heritage of Morocco, where master artisans have honed their skills for generations.
This exquisite piece serves as a tangible link to the past, showcasing the beauty and sophistication of Islamic decorative arts.
Its unique combination of wood and bone inlays, along with its meticulous craftsmanship, make it a remarkable addition to any collection of fine art or a standout decorative piece in any space. 
This Moroccan bone inlaid chest box or jewelry casket with mesmerizing decorative patterns and extraordinary sculptural and design details provide this authentic handcrafted Moroccan chest with an enduring sense of beauty invoking a singular elegance with the dense mosaic-like beauty exterior design.
A wonderful, robust Islamic decorative treasure chest poised to be the centerpiece of any room.

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