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Tribal and Bedouin Nomadic tents Hand made in Morocco.

The Tribal and Bedouin tents are all hand made in Morocco.

Authentic Moroccan Bedouin camel hair tents. These Berber tents can be pitched at the beach, in the desert and in your own backyard or garden, ideal for any kind of occasion or celebration.

Authentic Nomadic tents made from camel hair tribal rugs

Waterproof nomadic camel hair Moroccan tents

Nomadic Moroccan tent with vintage floor tribal rugs

Berber tent pitched at the beach

Our Berber Moroccan tribal tent was featured in the Soldier of God movie

Soheila, Mapi Galan, with our Berber tent

The tent is 15' x 24' and about 8' in height.

Black and brown natural camel hair tribal Bedouine tent hand-made in Morocco