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Mosaik Moroccan Furniture, Lamps and Decor in Los Angeles

Moroccan Decor, Furniture, Tribal Rugs and Lighting

Looking for a Moroccan Lanterns, a Moorish chandelier from a Sultan palace, or an elaborate Moroccan entry door from a Marrakech ryad.


Mosaik Moroccan Decor is based in the city of Los Angeles and started back in 1999.
for over 20 years, Mosaik has presented collectors and designers with distinctive, Moroccan antique and vintage finds from North Africa,
 but we also feature Anglo Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian furniture, Moroccan lighting, African textiles, and one of a kind objects, vintage textiles, Moorish lighting, mirrors, glassware and handcrafted pottery, unique eclectic accessories, architectural elements.

For more than two decades, Mosaik has brought the magic of the flea market. Whether in the French capital's “Les Puces” or in the souks of the Middle East and North Africa, there is nothing more thrilling than unearthing a treasure in a faraway land. Inspired by these markets, our collection is curated with pieces from around the world. You’ll find vintage jewelry alongside handmade pottery, or a work of art tucked behind an antique Middle Eastern commode.
We pride ourselves on bringing in hand-crafted items, that we individually hand pick, every piece in our showroom has a soul and a story, their heritage, craftsmanship and design will bring warmth and emotion to your home,
Frequent travels around the world in search of distinctly unique Moroccan Art pieces ensure a consistently replenished inventory.  In addition to collecting important authentic Middle Eastern and Moroccan lighting, Moroccan furniture & objects, we manufacture our own designs in Moroccan lighting. Conceived as small, limited editions, our Moroccan handcrafted pieces can and will be customized to fit your needs and spaces.

Mosaik has been a source for Moorish style home décor from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa.

We also are a source of unique antique Moroccan treasures and Islamic Art collection reflecting the heritage and works of art from Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Central Asia, India and parts of Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

From Andalusian Moorish style handcrafted furniture, ceramics, metalwork, wood, glass and textiles to Berber tribal vintage rugs, Moroccan brass lighting fixtures you will find a large unique collection of one of a kind antiques. 
We love India for their rich colorful silk vintage textiles and carving Mughal architectural wooden pieces.

Come visit us you will be overwhelmed by our expansive collection of timeless and one of a kind Ottoman Moorish interiors and furnishings, Indian art, and metalwork, ceramics and antiques from the Silk Road.

A feast for the eyes is what our variety in style and international design brings each habitué appointment.
Capturing the mystic of bejeweled, beaded and woven handcrafted work the melodic blends and tones found in Islamic art.
We know that great adventure brings back rich stories of history and lifestyle.
Fresh from global travels our handpicked finds go straight to our showroom to tell their own tales and fuse stories with its next new owner.

As our collection can be seen on many television and cinematic production sets. You’ll find us behind-the-scenes too, in fancy window displays or gracing the pages of décor magazines.
We offer flexibility in your shopping experience with selective piece available for rental and an extensive collection line for ownership.
Our fixtures when not seen on TV or in magazines can be found in many celeb homes who brand Mosaik style to signature their homes, celebrities such as Prince, Sting, Cher, Johnny Depp and more. With top designers like Cher’s Martyn Lawrence Bullard and White House designer Michael Smith, our showrooms become an interior designer’s dream come true.

Everything you see on our website is available in our showroom, and is ready to be shipped from Los Angeles.
We also rent our Moroccan props for movies or photoshoot.
Rental fees are based on a percentage of the retail price and we rent for various periods of time. We rent to the movie industry, for window displays, commercials, creative photography and all sorts of events.

Our unique Moroccan treasures were featured in various fashion and decor magazines as well as TV shows like the Million Dollars Decorators on their first season.

We also organized many Moroccan themed parties and occasions for celebrities .