Moroccan Embroidered Vintage Caftans, Women Silk Kaftans, Men Lame Caftans

Moroccan caftans, the best vintage collection in Los Angeles of embroidered caftans, silk, lame caftan for men and women.

Moroccan fashion has always contained an element of art. From simple stitching to intricate embroidery, It is an ancient tradition for Moroccan women to sit in a group around a table and bead elaborate patterns on exquisite fabrics creating their own wardrobes. It is often not only the work of one woman on a hand-beaded dress, but also the work of multiple women.

But Moroccan clothing is more than a functional purpose; it is the handiwork of a proud community of women who revere dressmaking and design as an art inherent unto itself. It becomes an avenue for these Moroccan women to express their artistry, intelligence, and desires.

The Moroccan caftan in particular, has been in fashion for centuries and can be worn by men and women, the variant are the jabador, abaya and takechita . They are hand made using the finest material like satin, silk, metallic threads or velvet. In the 16th century, during the Ottoman Empire sultans and Royalties wore only luxurious caftans and today Royalties, dignitaries, ambassadors around the world, still wear them for for grand Royal occasions and majestic appearances.

It is only after the 1960 that the caftan made it to the west when they appeared in Vogue and Harper Bazaar. It was Yves St Laurent that got influences by their glorious beauty and fine craftsmanship when in Morocco, and started the fashion when he created his own line of divine Moroccan caftans.

Today Moroccan caftans become an everyday attire to wear around the home, or lounging near the pool or at the beach, this Bohemian, ethnic look become famous from the sixties by Talitha Getty and is still in fashion today.