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Moroccan African Tribal Berber Rugs

Moroccan rugs are timeless, unique, and works of art that compliment the modern home. The textiles and carpets of Morocco represents a unique form of artistic expression, with primitive, original minimal abstraction weaved designs the Moroccan carpets suits designer tastes in contemporary interiors. We carry a large collection of white lush tribal rugs from the Beni Ouarain tribes, we also have colorful hand woven rugs from different region of Morocco. These carpets are beautiful floor coverings with fascinating history. All our Tribal Berber rugs are vintage, hand woven by Berber women using organic wool and cotton naturally dyed.


Zaiane Tribal Rugs

Morocco's color-saturated decoration and dress have long inspired artists such as Matisse.

These Tribal rugs from Zaiane are known for their beautifully detailed weavings, settled in the area south of Meknes, they are one of the largest producers of textiles of the Middle Atlas Berbers. As these tribes live in a warmer climate than other tribes, their textiles are more like blankets than rugs.
Because of the tribes' relative isolation in rural, mountainous areas, these textiles have preserved the ancient techniques and protective symbolism of their distant ancestors, handed down from mother to daughter.

The designs not only heal and protect, but also tell the history of the tribe or the story of the weaver's life.
In the High Atlas Mountain region, It is also a way to express their daily preoccupations and superstitions.



Taznakht Tribal Rugs

Hand-woven Moroccan wool pile carpets from the Taznakht tribe of the High Atlas mountains of Morocco are characterized by rich warm colors.

Today's Moroccan women weavers continue to use ancient methods expertly. They still use saffron for warmth and yellow colors enlivened by a predominance of orange, made from henna, an indigo blue, a madder red, and a natural green that is the main characteristic of the Glaoua rugs and the Taznakht. Other natural dyes include reddish-purple from madder root, dried figs and pomegranate for black, tea for brown and sepia, the yellow comes from a locally-available plant whereas the black wool is un-dyed as it comes from black-haired goats indigenous to the region.



Moroccan Beni Ouarain Tribal White Rugs

Today's Moroccan women weavers continue to use ancient methods to weave the rugs. Soft and plush Moroccan Beni Ouarain tribal rugs are woven exclusively with an ivory background with abstract geometric motifs of high quality un-dyed natural off white wool

These tribal rugs from the northeastern, altitudinous colder climate, present a more subtle tradition. Woven from un-dyed, natural wool, the field is cream and the decoration is picked out in delicate lines of brown.

The weaver has a painstaking job that will take months if not years, to complete. Using their design as a complete reference, the weaver builds the rug from thousands of individually tied knots made with the help of a loom.

At Mosaik, we carry many of these beautiful vintage Beni Ouarain tribal white rugs.