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Middle Eastern Mosaic Wooden Inlaid Marquetry Box Game Backgammon

Middle Eastern Micro Mosaic Wooden Inlaid Marquetry Box Game Backgammon.
Large vintage Moorish Syrian style micro mosaic Inlay marquetry mosaic backgammon and chess game box.
Amazing craftsmanship intricate marquetry in mosaic Moorish geometric pattern mosaic marquetry inlay and fine precision makes it a true work of art.
Handcrafted in the Middle East this backgammon and checker game box is complete with chips and chess pieces.
An Islamic style handcrafted backgammon board with micro mosaic inlay using exotic wood, having Moorish motif designs.
This hinged folding board is a piece of art and would be prized for its craftsmanship and design covering both the inside and outside.
Closed the box measures: 3in. H x 6 in x 12 in.
The measurement of the box open is 12" L x 12" W x 1.5" H.
Middle Eastern Arabian Micro Mosaic Marquetry Moorish Style box.

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