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Wedding Ceremonies Ethnic Symbols, Costume and Rituals by Gianni Baldezzoni

Wedding Ceremonies: Ethnic Symbols, Costume and Rituals by Gianni Baldezzoni. Wedding Ceremonies: Symbols, Costume and Rituals is a glorious visual celebration of the symbolism of marriage the world over. The authors have traveled the world for two decades visiting dozens of the worlds most remote and isolated groups, attending marriages held high in the Himalayas and under acacias in the Sahara. Chapter by chapter, the text and stunning photographs explore the traditional rituals and customs that accompany wedding ceremonies across the world. These wedding ceremonies often last for several days, and involve the whole Community in elaborate preparation, rites, and celebrations. The bride and groom wear sumptuous wedding garments, accessories, and decorations, made of the rarest and most precious materials, each of which has a powerful symbolic value. These rituals are a fundamental rite of passage and a vital part of Community life: a chance to strengthen ties with other villages, to plan new alliances, and, above all, to renew the traditions that make up a unique cultural heritage much of which is on the brink of disappearing forever. This is a beautiful coffee table or library book.