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Vintage White Marble Jeweled Elephant Sculpture Paper Weight

Vintage jeweled elephant sculpture paper weight wearing traditional ceremonial costume.
Finely hand painted animal sculpture of an elephant with colorful gold, green and red color paint.
Collectible ceremonial hand carved white marble stone sculpture figurine elephant with emboss painting made entirely by hand using traditional skills handed down from generation to generation.
The ceremonial elephant with intricate design is finely hand painted with colorful design and his trunk is up for good luck.
This elephant has wonderful exotic appeal.
Nice decorative shelf or desk accessories
Dimensions: 6" W x 2.5" D x 4.25" H.
Handcrafted in India.
This stunning vintage white and gold elephant is just gorgeous.
Sure to add some vintage charm to your desk or bookshelf no matter what style you're going for.
Handcrafted in India from the same marble as the Taj Mahal.