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Vintage Thai Bronze Gilt Teppanom Temple Guard Dancing Statue Sculpture

Vintage statue in gilt bronze metal of Thai Teppanom Temple Guard Dancing statue sculpture.

Vintage Handcrafted Gilded Thai Teppanom Temple Guard Dancer Dancing statue sculpture.

Intricate Asian bronze Thai Teppanom Angel Buddha statue in black with the ceremonial costumes and the jewelry adorned with gold leaf details.

Teppanom are a mythological angel and part of the Buddhist tradition in Thailand.

They first came to earth when Buddha reached enlightenment and became Buddha's protector, then guardian of religious temples, and are seen as protectors of the house and land of the owner.

Very fine small decorative Asian Metal Art work on cast gilt bronze Thai Buddhist gatekeeper angels,

Measures: Height of the sculpture is 11" height and 7" wide.

Stand : 4" Diameter

Smooth motion, clear footwork in a graceful gesture.

Thai gilt bronze metal sculpture casted using traditional lost-wax process.