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Vintage Moroccan Tamgroute Green Olive Jar with Handles

Moroccan Tamgroute vintage, 1960's green olive jar with handles, or planter.
Handcrafted by the Berber people in Tamgroute Morocco.
Great glazed earthenware with different hues of green and black.
A pair is available, slightly different glaze
Top diameter is 10" inside opening is 7" D.
Jar is 38" H x 20" D in the widest part.
Wonderful green and brown shimmering that can be found only in south Morocco in the village of Tamgroute.
The color and texture is a result of the particular alchemy created by the potters of Tamegroute and remains a family affair handed down through the generations.
Each pottery piece is completely unique and no two are ever the same.
Please note that the traditional method in which the plates are fired involves stacking which result in tiny ‘scars’ inside the plate and in the glaze making, each bowl is unique the beauty is found in the imperfection of each piece.
Tamegroute pottery are true showpieces showing that even imperfect can be perfect.
Tamegroute remains the only rural pottery in Morocco using oxidized copper which creates its famous green color.
Its potteries are also the only location where you will find their unique forms.
The process however remains much the same. Clay is dug up from the local Draa river banks, thrown by hand & fired inkilns built into steep slopes using a single firing.
Vintage green glazed pottery handcrafted in Tamgroute, Morocco.