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Vintage Moroccan Moorish Leather Clad Large Dowry Trunk

Vintage Moroccan dowry trunk with an angular dome top, the wood has been covered in leather on all sides.
Adorning the leather surface are intricate brass decorations that add a touch of opulence and visual interest. The brass designs are meticulously engraved or embossed, featuring a variety of geometric patterns, floral motifs, or Berber symbols. 
The trunk is designed with a practical purpose in mind, providing ample storage space for personal belongings or treasured items. The hinged lid opens smoothly to reveal a spacious interior lined with fabric offering protection for the contents within.
An iron drop handle is located on each side, allowing Moorish Spanish leather treasure chest to be moved easily.
Morocco dowry or wedding chest with metal embossed brass mounts.
This is a medium sized Moorish style chest that would be comfortable on the floor or on a table.
Traditional Berber Dowry chest with dark brown colored leather clad extravagantly embellished with brass appliqués and nail heads. 
One of a kind Moroccan art-work. Handcrafted in Morocco by skilled artisans, Museum quality.
Extremely decorative vintage Spanish Moorish Moroccan Berber trunk.
Dimensions: 15in tall. x 11in Deep. x 21.5in. Wide.
Circa 1950.
Every aspect of this Moroccan Berber trunk reflects the attention to detail and cultural significance. It is a testament to the artistic traditions and skills passed down through generations, combining the natural beauty of wood, the durability of leather, and the elegance of brass. This trunk serves as a tangible link to the cultural heritage of the Berber people and stands as a testament to their creativity and craftsmanship. Its unique combination of materials and decorative elements makes it a striking centerpiece or a functional storage solution in any space, while also representing the rich cultural traditions of Morocco.