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Tuareg Leather Camel Saddle from Niger Agadez Africa

Tuareg leather tribal camel saddle from Agadez, Niger Africa.
Finely handcrafted camel saddle formed by stitching brightly colored leather embossed onto a forked wooden base. The saddle was then embellished with the addition of delicate drawings as well as separate pieces of molded leather brass studs and cut-outs of metal.
The backside the saddle’s backrest is particularly beautifully hand painted dyed leather and adorned with hide.
The Tuareg create an impressive world of traditional, functional objects from leather which is their primary material due to its durability, lightness and flexibility. Masters of geometric abstract design, which are painted and molded, embroidered, engraved.
A wonderful piece of vintage Tuareg culture that would compliment your collection or home.
This saddle is old and original showing good usage, has a nice patina, the leather has age-related damage, but is in good condition.
A one of a kind treasure.
Measures: Saddle
29" tall
28" long
13" wide
9" tall
13" wide
13" long
11" wide
Back panel
17" tall
8" wide
Front cross21" H
13" wide.