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Symbols of Islam by Malek Chebel Art Book

Symbols of Islam by Malek Chebel.
Published by Assouline Publishing (2001)
A visual synthesis of the Arab-Islamic world, which continues to grow and gain a global presence.
Provides meaning, history, and cultural significance to twenty-two Islamic symbols taken from its doctrine and architecture.
Over 13 centuries, Islam has become a powerful religion whose symbols, whether linked to its doctrine (prayer, the profession of faith, alms giving), or its architecture (the Kaaba, the mosque, the mihrab), reveal a wealth of meaning for those wishing to explore their history and cultural significance. This book provides a visual synthesis of the Islamic world. Its clear text and beautiful full-page color photographs offer a new and fresh approach to the fastest growing religion in the world.
This is a beautiful coffee table collectible softcover book.