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Southeast Asian Bronze Rain Drum Green Verdigri Cocktail Table 22 In. Diameter

Large Southeast Burmese Bronze Asian Rain Drum Side Table: This impressive 22-inch diameter Asian cast bronze rain drum features intricate detailing with traditional geometric relief motifs.
The body and top display precise patterns, including scrolling friezes, diamonds, and other geometrical motifs.
Loop handles adorn the sides of the drum.
The table top showcases concentric friezes around a central sunburst motif, reminiscent of Vietnamese Dong Son drums from the bronze age. The flat round top is adorned with four stacks of small frogs and a line of elephants on one side. The flat center features a raised star surrounded by concentric geometric patterns and triple frog lugs, symbolizing prosperity.
The curving sides feature double strap handles and elephant motifs, depicting protection, good fortune, wisdom, strength, success, and fertility and Koi Fish symbolize abundance. This Southeast Asian patinated cast bronze rain drum, also known as a frog drum, originates from East Burma or Myanmar and is crafted by the Karen people.
This versatile piece can serve as a side table, cocktail table, or drink table, indoors or in the garden. The verdigris patina adds to its museum-quality appeal. The table produces a lovely sound when hit by raindrops.
Measuring 17 inches high to the top of the frogs and 22 inches in diameter, the ensemble rests on a tapering base adorned with similar décor, featuring delicate leaves on two sides. The verdigris patina complements the lines beautifully.
With its abundant décor and simple lines, this Southeast Asian rain drum side table serves as an excellent decorative accent for most homes. The heavy and large drum boasts a rich patinated finish on the bronze.
Absolutely stunning solid bronze Asian rain drum. There are many examples of these unique pieces, but I've never seen one with quite as beautiful verdigris patina and that large size.
These drums are also referred to as frog drums and have been used for hundreds of years in various tribal rituals in south East Asia, especially in Thailand and Burma for ceremonial rituals.

This table is a beautiful example of form and function, a real Asian art statement.
Dimensions: 22"diameter x 17"height.
Circa: early to mid 20th Century, Southeast Asia.
Materials: Bronze