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Oil Painting of an Asian Lady by Geri Perlman, 1993

Paintings depicting portraits of a lady wearing a traditional sari style attire and head cover.
Looks like and Asian traditional attire, bright colors, probably Afghani or Persian or Indian lady.
Painting is not framed.
Signed on the left corner by Geri Perlman 1993.
"Geri Perlman was born in New Jersey and moved to California at the age of nine. Before she was ten years old she demonstrated an artistic talent and spent five years studying art under Joseph Chabot.
Many of her early works were sold to private homes and businesses.
She continued with her studies at the University of Colorado and later UCLA where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Mrs. Perlman then moved to Europe where she studied in England and Germany for three years before returning to the USA.
Upon her return she began taking an active role in the Los Angeles art world selling her work privately to designers and private collectors.
She has most recently studied painting under Milt Kobayshi in Palm Desert where she currently resides.
Geri Perlman continues to explore different mediums in her work and is currently showing at the Coda Gallery of Palm Desert."