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Moroccan Vintage Tribal Kilim Textile, circa 1960

Large handwoven vintage Moroccan Berber Tribal kilim rug.
Handwoven by the Berber tribes in south Morocco with traditional stripe designs.
Midcentury organic vintage textile, circa 1960s.
Size: 5'5 x 10'.
Perfect for adding organic textile sensations to any room,
Large size blanket vintage Moroccan rug, handira handwoven by Berber women in Morocco for their own use.
This ethnic textile was made using flat-weave technique with linear pattern of alternating stripes in different colors in brown, black and ivory, from natural organic sheep wool colors, no dye.
Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Century Modern, Urban, and Loft interiors.
Hand-knotted wool textile, light could be used as a floor covering or on the bed, or to make pillows or upholstery.
Made in Morocco. By the Berber women of the Atlas Mountains.