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Moroccan Vintage Hand-woven Boujad Tribal Area Rug, circa 1960

Midcentury Moroccan Area Rug with Tribal Geometric Design.
This circa 1960 vintage Moroccan rug features a bold design of diamond medallions flanked by geometric abstractions .The ethnic tribal Moroccan Berber area rug features a series of stripes and bands and medallions with designs composed of symbolic Berber motifs that are protection symbols and meant to capture evil spirits, with bold geometric forms, vibrant colors with latch-hook edges
Rendered in a variegated shades of dark persimmon, pumpkin, orange, maroon, wine, burgundy, cinnamon, rust, eggplant, purple, beige, ecru, and light yellow surrounded by a dark brown saw tooth border. in shades of yellow, orange and midnight blue. A geometrically patterned main border completes the look of the vintage carpet.
Moroccan rugs have typically been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decoration.
Large handwoven vintage Moroccan Berber Tribal rug, nicely aged with vivid colors.
Flat-weave Moroccan runner with low pile handwoven by Berber Tribes of Morocco.
Handwoven wool. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Morocco.
Thus great Moroccan vintage ethnic textile will add a warm colorful accent to any style of décor.
Blending tribal native charm, ancient symbolism and Folk Art warmth, this vintage Boujad rug reflects generations of cultural beliefs.
Midcentury organic vintage tribal rug, circa 1960s perfect for adding organic textile warm any room,
Made in Morocco.
Size: 6' x 15.5'.