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Moroccan Handcrafted Thuya Wood Jewelry Box

Decorative Moroccan handcrafted Thuya wood jewelry box.
Moroccan artists continue the long tradition that creating beautiful and functional pieces from roots and branches of the rare Thuya tree.
Thuya tree is famous for rich gold and brown shades of its grain and unique exotic fragrance, similar to cedar.
Thuya wood (pronounced two-ya) is from the Thuya tree (Tetraclinis articulata in Latin, and Araar in Moroccan). This biblical tree is a conifer from the cedar family, and is exclusively native to Morocco. This highly praised conifer grows only in the forests of the Atlas mountains east of Essaouira, the beautiful coastal town famous for its ancient and contemporary history, museums, art galleries, world music festival, and above all for its Thuya wood craftsmanship.
This rare wood is a coniferous tree indigenous to the Western foothills of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa.
Each piece is handcrafted and rubbed by hand for hours with lemon juice and vegetable oil and polished into the wood revealing Thuya's natural burled grain and rich lustrous golden brown.
Made in Essaouira, Morocco, still have the original key.