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Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tile Border with Moorish Fez Design

Moroccan handcrafted cement tile with traditional Fez Moorish design.
These are authentic Moroccan encaustic tiles hand made by artisans in Fez Morocco.
This is the traditional Moroccan Moorish design, great to use in any room to add charm to the old Spanish colonial, Mediterranean, North African Style homes.
These are handmade Andalusian Moorish cement tiles have many variation in colors and they are not perfect.
These tiles can be used indoor or outdoor on the floors or on walls they must be sealed after installation.
Colors are blue, green, yellow black and red on white background.
Tile is 8 in. x 8in and approx. 5/8 in thickness.
Tile weighs around 2.2 lbs.
This is the border for the other tile design that we have listed.
The pictures shows the design with 9 tiles and with 3 borders .
Production process that dates back to the 1870s in which a mix of cement, sand, color pigment and marble powder is poured into metal molds, backed with a dry concrete mixture, and compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure. The tiles are then left to air cure, which permits the cement mixtures to harden and strengthen.
Slight color variations and small imperfections are part of the hand-made nature of the tiles.
Price is for only one border tile: $ 25 each.