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Moroccan Brocade Floral Kaftan Gown Maxi Dress

Elegant Moroccan caftan floral brocade embroidered with gold trim, circa 1970s. This long maxi dress kaftan is embroidered and embellished entirely by hand. One of a kind evening Moroccan Middle Eastern hostess gown.

The kaftan gown features a traditional neckline, with side slits and embellished long sleeves. In Morocco, fashion preserves its traditional style inherited from great civilizations that found their way to Northwest Africa, such as the Ottomans and the Moors.

Moroccan fashion has been recognized for its style and has garnered a reputation, winning awards in international fashion shows throughout Europe. Marrakech Bohemian, Yves Saint Laurent style. Size small to medium.

Dimensions: 56 in.H x 20 in.W x 0.05 in.D