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Moroccan Brass Tray Moorish Islamic Metalwork 13 inches Diameter

Antique 1940s Moroccan Brass Tray Hand Hammered with Moorish design, Islamic Metalwork.
Dimension: 13 inches Diameter.

This antique 1940s Moroccan polished brass tray is a collectible Islamic Metalwork Platter.
The Islamic polished brass metalwork, antique brass tray is a remarkable piece of artistry that embodies the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Islamic metalwork. This stunning tray showcases intricate designs and meticulous attention to detail, making it a true testament to the mastery of Islamic artisans.
Beautiful Moroccan decorative tray.
Unique, one of a kind, very collectible.
Dimensions: 13 inches diameter.
Hand made in Fez, Morocco, Circa 1940's.
Restored, polished The tray is made from high-quality brass, a durable and malleable metal that lends itself well to the creation of intricate patterns and designs. The surface of the tray is adorned with a variety of motifs inspired by Islamic art, such as geometric patterns, arabesques, calligraphy, and floral designs.
This circular hand-hammered brass Moroccan tray with fine intricate Islamic design is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that exudes the beauty and intricacy of Moroccan artistry.
This exquisite round tray showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditional metalworking techniques of the region. 
The tray's design incorporate delicate hammered Moorish design allowing light to cast beautiful patterns when the tray is placed in the sunlight. This adds an extra element of visual interest and elegance to the overall aesthetic.
The tray has a hook in the back if you would like to use it as a wall decorative tray.
it could function as a wall hanging, ottoman tray, or a display on a bar or coffee table, use it as a serving platter, catch all, vanity dish or just as a beautiful Moroccan decorative tray.
Unique, one of a kind, very collectible, restored.