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Moroccan Antique Water Copper Kettle

What a fabulous addition to your copper collection! Superbly hand hammered with hand-cut dovetailing and soldering. Fine honeycomb hand hammering texture on lid and body. Wonderful, rich patina. The seams are soldered with brass, the handle is riveted to body with copper rivets. Gooseneck spout has attractive hinged flap. Very interesting snake final. This is an old water kettle from Fez and it is signed, it has a stamp on the bottom. It is old copper with a gorgeous patina. Older pieces will reflect the patina and the copper tends to be heavier than newer copper pieces. This kettle is about 78 years old and in excellent condition for so many years of use. It has some dents but this is normal for older pieces. Rather than detracting from the piece, this just adds to the charm!