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Middle Eastern Large Arabian Polished Brass Incense Burner

Large antique 19th century Turkish incense burner or fire pit with pierced brass and solid brass ornamentation.
Museum quality piece footed incense censer.
Functional and beautifully adorned, rare to find complete with lid and base.
This Moorish Islamic brass brazier were used to heat the tribal Berber tents in Morocco, Turkey, and the Middle East or used for incense burning during religious ceremonies or as fire pit outdoor.
Great accent piece hand-hammered decorative Islamic brass Folk Art.
A brazier is a container for hot coals, generally taking the form of an upright standing or hanging metal bowl or box. Used for burning solid fuel, usually charcoal, braziers principally provide heat, but may also be used for cooking and cultural rituals.
Measures: 36" height, 32" main base, 24" pot base.
Great hand-hammered decorative Islamic brass Folk Art.
As seen at the Doris Duke home Shangri L A Islamic Museum of Art in Hawai.
19th century, Tukey, Signed and dated 1891 by artist.