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Middle Eastern Egyptian Mameluke Embossed Large Brass Bowl

Antique large Middle Eastern Egyptian hand-etched and repousse Mameluke style brass bowl.
Could be used as a jardinière, cache pot for a large orchids composition.
Engraved and hand-embossed with Arabic Islamic Tuluth writing calligraphy and geometric repousse with animals figures designs on brass vessel, cache pot.
Hand-hammered decorative Islamic brass folk metal art.
Large antique 19th century or before brass Middle Eastern Persian Islamic style bowl heavily hand-etched and embossed with brass repousse and decorated with calligraphic decoration inscriptions medallions.
A large Mamluke style brass bowl, hammered and engraved brass, with slightly rounded base, inverted sides narrowing to rim, the exterior engraved with a large honorific tuluth inscription.
Islamic work from the 19th century, in the style of Mamluke.
Handcrafted and embossed with geometric designs and Arabic writing on brass vessel.
Great brass decorative collectible Islamic metal work art object.
Middle Eastern, Asian origins, Judaic. Large unusual size brass bowl Container .
Dimensions 17"W × 17"D × 10"H.
Measures: The opening is 10", the widest part is 17". Height is 14".
The bowl is not marked but exceptional examples like this are scarce.
In good condition with wear and a few small dents from use.
There is a small hole on the side.
The pot has been re-polished from outside only.