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Large Pichhavai Painting of Krishna with Female Gopis Dancing

A large Pichhavai painting of Krishna with female Gopis dancing.

Krishna playing flute on a bed of lotus, the composition is enclosed in a lush green forest and the colors of the dresses play off against the vegetative forms, adding a lively pattern to the whole composition green and black border with peacock floral border stylized floral motifs on a blue ground, River below and border composed of meandering leafy vines and multicolored flowers.

Gouache and gold on cloth mounted laid down on plywood, no frame.

Rajasthan Jaipur, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Decorative Art.

A picchawai is a large-scale temple hanging made for temporary use in a Pushti Marg shrine. The Pushti Marg (Path of Grace) is a Hindu sect that focuses on the worship of Krishna. This is an exceptional example on a number of fronts, including the quality of line and the exceptionally large size.

A closely related composition from a Barahmasa series can be found in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (EP3.1969), and another from that series is published in Dwivedi, Barahmasa, New Delhi, 1980, plate 112-3.

Dimensions: H 65 in. x W 1 in. x D 90 in.