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Large Isfahan Ghalamkar Persian Paisley Textile Block Printed 1950s

Vintage large Isfahan block printed cotton hand printed fabric bedspread or wall Hanging Textile or table cloth.
Persian Paisley Kalamkari textile hand blocked vegetable and iron oxide dyes on cotton.
The cotton fabric is hand printed using patterned wooden stamps. Unusual design with peacocks in earth organic tone colors.
Made in Isfahan, circa 1950. Qalamkari literally “pen-workmanship,” are block-printed and hand-painted cotton textiles that are used for wall-hangings, bed-coverings, table-coverings, and other functions. Kalamkari is a form of Persian woodblock printed textile that originates from Isfahan in central Iran over 400 years ago.
Hand printed in Isfahan stamp of the maker in the back.
Dimensions: H 110 in. x W 71 in.
Ghalamkar fabric is a type of textile hand printing or hand painting, patterned Persian Fabric.
The organic cotton fabric is printed using patterned wooden stamps. The stamps are mostly made of pear wood which has better flexibility and density for carving and long-standing utility. Ghalamkar designs are mostly arabesque, flora and fauna, geometric, 
A tapestry may be stamped depending on its density and size, between hundreds and tens of thousands of times.
For instance, a six-person table-cloth should be stamped about up to 4000 times in an elegant work.
Isfahan is one of the most important Ghalamkar producing cities throughout the world.

Could be use as tablecloth, wall hanging tapestry or just throw on the couch or bed.