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"Japanese Print Its Evolution and Essence" Book by Muneshige Narazaki

The Japanese print: its evolution and essence

Book by Muneshige Narazaki.

"In this book the author attempts to place the Japanese print in a very broad historical setting. He has striven to grasp and transmit an understanding of Japanese popular culture from its inception in the 15th century to the formation of the ukiyo-e school in the late 17th century, through the flourishing period of the ukiyo-e print in the 18th century, and into the 19th century, when it was absorbed into the culture of Modern Times. The later prints are treated in a new way. No longer are they put into the category of a "decline" and "downfall," where most of the earlier critics and historians put them. The author recognizes the late period as one of social disintegration and cultural chaos, but he conceives of it as a transition, as a sort of revolution or Renaissance of popular art, and the significance of the Renaissance is emphasized."

The Japanese Print: Its Evolution and Essence

Author Narazaki, Muneshige

Format/binding hardcover

Book condition used, very good

Jacket condition very good

Publisher Kodansha International

Place Of Publication

Tokyo: Kodansha International.

Colored plates. index, 274p.

Original black cloth.

Original cardboard slipcase.

Originally published: 1966

Author: Muneshige Narazaki.