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Islamic Indo Persian Kulah Khud Helmet with Arabic Inscription

Islamic Indo Persian kulah khud helmet with Arabic hand engravings.
Hand forged, made of heavy tinned copper metal Middle eastern influence warrior helmet decorated with hand chisel Arabic calligraphy writing.
Indo Persian Islamic steel helmet of noblemen Indo Persian hand forged steel helmet.
A spectacular example after a 17th century Indo-Persian head armor, consisting of a shallow steel bowl of most likely Wootz Damascus steel,
Indo Persian Kulah Khud helmet in domed form chiseled with finely carved spiraling segments of meandering dense Arabic calligraphic inscriptions to body.
Fabulous piece of Islamic ceremonial helmet armor, most likely belonged to a figure of substantial status and high military rank,
circa early 20th century.
Measures: 16 inch. height x 12 in. depth x 10" wide.