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Handcrafted Italian Art Studio Pottery Plate in Fanciullacci Style

1950s Mid-Century Modern handcrafted and hand-decorated large bowl in the style of Fratelli Fanciullacci.

Handcrafted Italian art studio pottery, Florence.

Bands with vertical sgraffito creating interest and dimensions with three ladies in orange dresses in the middle of the plate.

Design is in shades of orange, brown and gold glazes. The interior is a traditional rich orange glaze often used by Fratelli Fanciullacci.

Their work is tactile and visual, it is a tri dimensional design in the middle of the plate where you can feel shapes of the figures like a sculpture.

There is no signature but a sticker. Bistoni Fantoni, Guido Gamboni and the Fratelli Brothers were renowned for their Art pottery.

Dimensions: 3.5 in. H x 15 in. D