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Granada Moorish Spain Inlaid Marquetry Jewelry Music Box

1950s Moorish Spain Music Box: This exquisite handcrafted box, made in Granada, Spain, showcases the intricate art of Islamic Moorish marquetry. The Spanish inlaid Marquetry music box features geometric designs in precious wood, reminiscent of the Moorish Syrian style.
When opened, the box plays music, adding to its charm.
The box is in good condition and in working order, with a red velvet-lined interior.
Its geometric inlays of precious fruit wood in beige, amber, and brown hues add to its Moorish Islamic Spain style.
The meticulous micro mosaic marquetry design covers nearly every square inch of the box, making it a stunning example of Middle Eastern craftsmanship.
This Islamic Middle Eastern-style walnut wood box is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, embodying the Centuries-old traditional Syrian Damascene art.
The design is inspired by the Alhambra Mosque in Granada, Andalusia, with detailed marquetry craftsmanship creating ornate Arabesques.
Crafted in Spain the 1950s,
the dimensions of the box are Height: 2.5 in, Width: 6.25 in, Depth: 4.75 in.
I'm always astounded by the intricate workmanship of these boxes.
A true gem that will make a perfect accent to any interior, modern, mid-century, antique or any combination.
In the classic movie 'Casablanca' there is an almost identical box on Rick's desk.
The film is full of wonderful Moroccan antiques and decor.
Great craftsmanship, handmade Vintage Moorish Marquetry trinket box.
Great Middle Eastern Arabic Moroccan Style decorative Islamic Art object.