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Embroidered Antique Uzbek Suzani Lucite Framed

Embroidered Uzbek Suzani framed in lucite box.
Beautiful hand-stitched Turkish designs with silk in traditional patterns and vibrant pink, fuschia black and ivory colors.
The Suzani features a row of three medallions within an ornate grid, all sitting on a bed of plum color. The naif design of flowers and birds is simple and bold, and yet elaborate and ornate.
This amazing embroidery piece comes ready to hang in a lucite presentation frame.
This framed Suzani is a great choice to add a touch of tribal folk design to your modern decor Could be hang in either way, vertical or horizontal.
Dimensions:H 32 in. x W 95 in. x D 1.5 in. 

The Silk Road Bukhara: Like scattered pearls along the vast expanse of the Great Silk Road, the cities of Uzbekistan glisten radiantly under the unforgiving sun. This nation, nestled in a picturesque oasis, holds a treasure trove of historical artifacts, owing to its advantageous position at the heart of the ancient Silk Road network. In the year 138 BC, a transformative era commenced as China graciously opened its borders to trade, giving rise to caravans that embarked upon this illustrious route. These trading pathways served as conduits not only for the exchange of goods and craftsmanship but also for the intermingling of cultures, beliefs, and wisdom. Even today, within the ancient walls of cities like Samarkand, one can still discern the echoes of bustling voices, the melodious jingle of camel harnesses, and the palpable anticipation that accompanies each day of vibrant trade.


Having encountered the exquisite Suzanis from Uzbekistan, my admiration for the meticulous craftsmanship involved in their creation has grown even stronger over time. The appreciation I hold for the skilled artistry required to produce such magnificent pieces has deepened with every passing moment. We have the immense privilege to have adorn a wall in my home with a resplendent Suzani, an item that encapsulates beauty and heritage in a truly remarkable manner.
Rugs and textiles possess a remarkable ability to forge connections with us, becoming cherished companions as we spend time appreciating them as works of art. It is awe-inspiring to contemplate the boundless talent and creativity of the individuals who crafted these pieces. Both men and women push their limits to fashion these marvelous objects, intended to captivate our eyes, touch our hearts, and stimulate our minds.

As passionate seekers of collectors who share our deep appreciation for the treasures we encounter during our travels, we derive immense joy from discovering and acquiring these objects, many of which have graced our personal collection. However, there comes a time when we must pass them on to new owners, allowing them to embark on their own adventures. We sincerely hope that as you spend time with and study these magnificent items, you will also come to cherish the love and individuality imbued by the talented artists who brought them to life.