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19th C. Islamic Antique Qajar Blue Tile with Koranic Script, Ottoman Turkish

Antique 19th century Qajar blue tile with Islamic calligraphy writing Antique 19th century ottoman Turkish tile, Islamic Koranic calligraphy script. 
Qajar dynasty, a blue and white Islamic pottery square tile. Rectangular form in cobalt blue Thuluth inscription in relief on a luster ground, 19th century Koran verses: Top line - "In the name of Allah beneficent and merciful"
" Bottom line - "We granted you a great victory." Cobalt blue Thuluth inscription in relief on a luster ground with foliate scrolls and green details. Great decorative Moorish Persian Ottoman Turkish handcrafted decorative crackle glazed ceramic Islamic artwork tile. Earthenware; molded decoration and glazed. Calligraphy in Islamic Art Calligraphy is one of the key characteristics of Islamic art, and is said to be a way of celebrating and remembering God. Verses from the Koran are written into pieces of artwork in an expressive, harmonious, and rhythmic way. These are commonly found on ceramics, metalwork, mosque walls, school walls, and the walls of many other buildings in Islamic countries. These verses are usually written in Arabic, Persian, or Turkish. 
Dimensions: 12 1/4 x 12 1/4 x 1 in