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Antique Moroccan Hand Tooled Berber Leather Babouches Shoes

Antique Moroccan leather slippers, known as babouches are handmade from leather dyed in red and green and embroidered in silk wool thread with ethnic floral design, hand-sewn sole.
Hand-tooled traditional Moroccan shoes in Tangier North of Morocco.
This style of colorful babouches with rounded toe and bright colors is known as the heritage of the Berber tribes of the Rif, North of Morocco. Hand made by tribes of the Ait Ouaouzguite.
The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers are among the original peoples of North Africa. Their myths, legends and history span 9,000 years,
Measurements: Sole is 10.5 in. x 3.5 in wide x 2.5 in. height.
Collectible Museum item, great to add to any African Tribal Textile Collection,
circa mid-20th century or earlier.