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Antique Monumental Asian Hand-Carved Wooden Decorative Panel

Antique Asian Thai monumental, measuring 8’ x 8' hand-carved wooden temple panel.
Definitely a one of a kind piece Thai red and gold panel with detailed hand-carved with relief designs of South Asian Thai Kinnaris, dancing and singing.
Half bird half human divinity in South Asian mythology Kinnaree is depicted as half-woman, half bird, she has the head, torso and arms of a woman and the wings, tail and feet of a swan.
Kinnari is renowned for her dance, song and poetry, and is a traditional symbol of feminine beauty, grace and accomplishment.
Such exuberant panels were mostly used in ceremonial architecture such as temples.
The panel measures is 8' x 8', for easy mounting it was cut in small panel of 11.5" each wide x 8' height.