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Antique 19th Century Turkish Ottoman Tinned Copper Ewer Pitcher

Antique 19th century Asian, Middle Eastern style Turkish tinned copper ewer.

Antique Turkish ottoman Islamic Ewer Tombak pitcher brass copper Ibrik.

Nice antique decorative hand-crafted and hammered Moorish ewer in the Mameluke style.

Antique Middle Eastern Asian Islamic style ewer jug metalware vessel.

The bulbous body with flared foot, long tapering neck with bulbous top and pointed hinged lid, long graceful spout and scrolled handle

Engraved with geometric designs with slightly waisted tiny neck neck, slender curving spout.

Great Islamic art, collectible metalwork.


11" W × 6" D × 16" H

Good condition, original condition unaltered, some imperfections.