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African Tuareg Silver Pewter Tea Pot from Mauritania

Vintage African Tuareg Tea pot Mauritania Mid-20th century Tuareg teapot from Mauritania, Africa, Western Sahara. Handcrafted of pewter, copper and brass decorations. The Tuareg people inhabit a large area, covering almost all the middle and western Sahara and the north-central Sahel. Tuaregs are the nomadic people of northern Africa and are famous for their jewelry. The care, attention to detail and goldsmith techniques, used by the Tuareg to create their own jewelry, are also used in everyday objects. The African tribal silver tea pot form is specific of the Mauritanian Tuareg Nomadic tribes, in north Western Africa and is made out of pewter and then decorated with copper and brass pieces which are hammered into the shape and then soldered into place. It has a beautiful handle and lid. Great decorative collector tribal ethnographic piece. The tribal design on each teapot is the signature of the owner. These Tuareg pewter teapots, are highly collectable, circa 1950s. Tuareg tea ceremony holds an important place in the daily lives of Tuareg men, offering tea, is foremost a gesture of hospitality.