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19th Century Syrian Mirror Inlay with Mother-of-Pearl

Large 19th century antique middle eastern Syrian mirror in the Turkish Ottoman style, mother-of-pearl and bone inlay.

Damascus mother-of-pearl inlaid wood Mirror of rectangular form with feet and tapering crest, decorated in mashribiyya, mother-of-pearl and bone inlay, the crest in openwork with interlaced vines. The crown and sides are very finely handcrafted with inlaid ebony, white mother-of-pearl and Moroccan bone in floral and geometric Islamic design.

Very unique piece. Perfect condition, fabulous find.

The lattice Moorish woodwork is very fine. In very good condition for it's age. The crown is bending a little bit and in Syria I was told that more the crown bent more the mirror is old.

Dimensions: 5 ft. 7 in.H x 2 ft. 10 in.W x 1 in.D