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19th Century Oriental Bronze Japanese Kagami Handled Mirror

Antique traditional Oriental bronze Japanese Kagami handled Mirror.
An exceptional and stunning Japanese bronze handled mirror called Kagami.
Large and heavy bronze handle mirror polished to one side with the other side moulded in relief.
The mirror is of a design typical of the sixteenth century incorporating a pair of Cranes, sotsuru, conjoined at the beak with a tortoise kame-gata form central pierced boss in a “Y” shaped formation In addition there is a set of three stylised flowers, karahana mon. With Ashai, water reeds, and a pair of Pines, growing from a sandy wave washed beach, suhama, vestigial elements of earlier Horai-zu patterns of the Muromachi period. The double trunked Pines are a reference to the twin pines that form the central theme of the Noh play Takasago, and are emblematic of longevity and marital harmony.
Japanese motifs of virtue and good luck. For example, Cranes were symbols of marital fidelity and bliss while turtles symbolized longevity, pine, plum and bamboo trees were common combinations, representing strong will and perseverance owing to the plants’ tough nature of thriving during the harsh winter months.
Very well done workmanship with a moulded signature mark to one side
Good condition with wear marks from time and usage.
Light brown patina.
Period: Circa 1868 to 1900.
Measures 12 in. in diameter. 16.75in. with handle.