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19th Century Moroccan Antique Double Door with Hand Painted Moorish Designs

Moroccan huge antique doors from a Ryad in Fez, amazing hand painted artwork.
Multicolored geometrical Moorish designs in deep red, green, yellow.
Moroccan doors and furniture is most noted for the use of beautiful Moorish hand-painted and hand carved designs colorfully applied to wood.
Many of the Moorish influenced designs have been used for centuries decorating the ceilings and wall panels of Mosques and Palaces all around Islamic countries.
Great patina, different designs in front and back, great o use as a piece of architectural design on a wall.
Bottom and top show damages, distressed look.
The two doors have a different design and different colors, they don't match.
They could be used on walls as a decorative architectural panel.
Iron locker still on the door, metal Moroccan hardware and decorative nails.
Inside the two large door, they are two smaller doors,
circa late 19th century.
Each door is 27" wide x 2" D x 117" H,