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19th Century Middle Eastern Brass Inlaid Decorative Vase

19th century decorative beautiful and unusual Middle Eastern Moorish brass inlaid decorative vase with flared lip engraved and inlaid with silver and copper compound.
Engraved and decorated with very fine designs in Arabic script, floral and organic designs in silver, copper and brass inlay with medallions inscription-filled surrounded by vegetal interlace and a band of foliates patterns.
Mamluke Persian Revival style, Islamic inlay metal brass artwork, this kind of Islamic metal collector brass vase is very rare to find.
Beautiful Persian style engraved vase / Ghalam-zani: is one of the original Persian handicraft / the art of engraving and embossing elaborate Moorish designs, patterns and shapes on metals such as copper, silver, gold, and brass.
You can see this kind of Islamic Art collector piece at Doris Duke Islamic Art Museum in Shangri LA, Hawaii.
4"D × 12.5"H
Moorish Persian
Early 19th century
Item Type 
Vintage, antique or pre-owned
Brass copper engraving gold silver
Good condition, original condition unaltered, some imperfections.