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Moroccan Wall Hanging Hiti with Moorish Arches Red and Gold

Moroccan wall hanging, hiti with red and gold moorish arches.
Moroccan vintage textile in gold and red, could be used both sides.
Great Moorish traditional geometric Fez design with arches.
Ideal to frame it or to use it as a wall hanging.
Hiti (hiti, hayti, from the Arabic hayt, ‘a wall’) is a form of wall hanging found in Morocco and sometimes in other parts of North Africa. Essentially, which is used to decorate the walls behind the divans that line meeting halls (majlis) on ceremonial occasions, especially weddings.
A hiti is normally composed of a series of panels, each with a design in the shape of an arch (qus). Above the arches there is a band with one or two rows of geometric patterns reminiscent of a balustrade.
Hence the production of these costly hitis was allegedly supervised by the local guild of leather workers.
From the 1950 they were also manufactured like this one by the yard.
Dimensions: 59" W x 78" H
Each panel is 29.5".
Made by Richbond Casablanca.

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