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Middle Eastern Women Face Veil Bedouin, Sinai Bedouin Desert Garment

Middle Eastern, Bedouin women face veil, from the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai Desert.
An amazing Niqab, Negev Bedouin veil from Palestine.
Worked on a base of tiny silk embroidery with antique Ottoman nickel silver coins, glass beads, wool, embroidered, stones, carnelians, glass, and amber.
Early 20th century, circa 1915-1930 typical Middle Eastern traditional Arabian Bedouin face mask, garment, head dress, tribal jewelry, bridal veil.
Showing heavily decorated in the bottom with silver nickel hands amulets for the Evil Eye protection and early textiles (wool and silk) and tassels hanging down.
Face coverings were worn for centuries by the women of various nomadic tribal groups of North Africa and the Middle East.
Face veil: 12" W x 19" L,
circa 1915-1930.
Last pictures are references from the book:
"Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Jewelry" by Abed Al-Samih Abu Omar.

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