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Burmese Kalaga Beads Embroidered Tapestry

Fabulous large Kakaga Burmese bead embroidered tapestry.

This handcrafted tapestry shows ten different scenes from the ancient epic Hindu poem, the Ramayana, or from Buddhist mythology.

The figures are sewn using a combination of metallic threads and adorned with sequins, beads and glass stones.

Most Kalagas are best hung in a frame but not under glass so that the detail and texture can be fully appreciated.

They can also be hung as-is without a frame.

Such a large tapestry could take months to complete.

The figures are hand embroidered and then attached to the backing.

The figures are raised by stuffing them with cotton giving them a quilted quality and a three-dimensional effect.

Dimensions:H 43.5 in. x W 99 in. x D 0.5 in.

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