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Moroccan Hooded Wool Burnous Cape, circa 1960

Elegant Moroccan hooded burnous cape in off-white fine wool with black and ivory passementerie trim and closure a long tassel on hood, the caftan is fully Lined.
The burnus (also called a selham) is long, hooded cloak worn in North Africa and the Middle East.
The hood is often decorated with one or more pompoms.
These vintage garments are typically worn to envelop the body fully, but can also be worn open with the edges tossed over the shoulders or even thrown over the shoulders like a scarf with the hood hanging behind.
In Morocco, fashion preserves its traditional style inherited from great civilizations that found their way to Northwest Africa, such as the Ottomans and the Moors. Moroccan fashion has been recognized for its style and has garnered a reputation, winning awards in international fashion shows throughout Europe. Marrakech Bohemian, Yves Saint Laurent style.
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche style vintage 1976 rare Moroccan hooded cape.
Similar models displayed at the exhibitions :
- " Yves Saint Laurent ET LE MAROC" - VILLA DES ARTS DE CASABLANCA, Morocco - April-July 2011.
- "Yves Saint Laurent + Halston : FASHIONING THE 70s" - MUSEUM AT THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NEW YORK - February 6-April 18, 2015.

Size Large Unisex :
Waist 40”.
Across shoulders 13”.
Centre back length 62”.

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