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Mediterranean Design Hardcover Book 1st edition 2006

Mediterranean Design Hardcover – August 17, 2006

Title: Mediterranean Design

Publisher: Brand: Gibbs Smith

Publication Date: 2006

Binding: Hardcover

Great hardcover coffee table book.

Mediterranean Design highlights the unique aspects of the style, such as spatial orientation of the rooms is defining and private vestibules and porches rather than hallways connecting functional spaces, bedrooms as suites rather than lonely rooms, bathrooms as spas rather than generic or merely functional rooms.
Details such as arches, pillars, high ceilings, fountains, gardens, pergolas, lime-washed walls, stone façades, friezes, warm colors, balconies, iron gates, and garden walls
Locations of these magnificent homes include: California, Florida, Texas, Turkey, Morocco, Paris, Mexico, and more!

From the Inside Flap:

More countries line the Mediterranean Sea than any other body of water. "Mediterranean" conjures up passionate, sensual visions of the ocean and charming villages. Mediterranean Design has universal appeal, reaching from the roots of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, and Croatia to interpretive architecture in the United States, most especially in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.
Mediterranean architecture touches people through comfort on a basic level with charm, beauty, and nature, wrapped in sculptural elements and tempered by vivid colors and tactile textures. Mediterranean communities are tight-knit, friendly circles where partnership is valued. Invite this engaging design into your living space to encourage social interaction and elegant warmth.
Author Mary Whitesides, an accomplished designer and photographer, has created designs for everything from interiors and home furnishings to pottery and coffee mugs. Her unique Peruvian-inspired furniture collections are widely distributed, and her African and Peruvian-inspired accessories are featured in museums, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. One of the four founding members of the Sundance Catalog, Mary was a partner in developing the Sundance look and style. She is also the author of Wine Country, Desert Style, Mountain Style, and Wicker Design. Whitesides travels frequently to South America and throughout the United States. She makes her home in Park City, Utah.

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