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Large Jewelry Dowry Box Lacquered Teak and Brass India 1900

Large Teak Jewelry Dowry Box with Brass, Late 19th Century, India.

Indian Dowry Box in Lacquered Teak with Decorative Brass. This large Ethnic Indian jewelry box is hand-painted in red with a brass design, showcasing the original beauty of the Kerala Netturpetti.

An exquisite example of Mughal Rajasthani Indian craftsmanship, this late 19th to early 20th-century dowry box is made of teak. It features a patinated red lacquered surface, intricate pen work, and decorative brass elements.

Crafted from hard wood, the box has a pyramid top form and is adorned with heavy brass decorative mounts. The hinged lid, with deep canted borders, is secured by a gilt bronze hasp featuring a pierced catch plate at the front.

The ethnic jewel box, once a symbol of influential Kerala families, originated in the Nettur region of Malabar. It stands as a testament to the patience and skill of the artisans who designed it.

This piece of Great Folk Art is hand-painted on a red lacquered background, making it a wonderful addition to your home decor. Use it to discreetly store your keepsakes or display inherited treasures, adding a touch of history and culture to your space.

Indian Dowry Box Made in India: circa 1880- 1900.
Dimensions: Height: 11 in (27.94 cm)Width: 14 in (35.56 cm)Depth: 11 in (27.94 cm)

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