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Vintage Anglo-Indian Silvered Wrapped Clad Side Low Table

Vintage Anglo-Indian silvered wrapped clad side low table. Anglo Raj side low table hand-hammered with repousse silver metal work over wood very nice and unusual.
Great vintage Anglo-Indian silver metal clad square table. This versatile table can be used as a side table or end table easy to move around light weight. Vintage Anglo-Indian silvered chased table covered entirely in silver metal. Such alluring furnishings first began to appear during the Mughal Reign (1526-1707) with the influx of British, French, Dutch and Portuguese explorers who found traditional Indian culture did not utilize tables and chairs, as activities such as cooking and eating were done on the floor. These travelers soon brought with them examples of their native furnishings and enlisted Indian craftsmen to recreate them, which gave birth to a distinct oeuvre of Indo-European furniture that blended Western designs with intricate wood and metalworking techniques that had been perfected by Indian artisans for hundreds of years. With British colonization of the subcontinent, by the 19th century, the princes of India were the primary source of commissions for what became known as Anglo-Indian furniture specifically clad in silver and gold, as these materials are considered pure and purifying in traditional Hindu scripture. 
Measures: Table 16" x 16" square x 16" height.

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