Moroccan Hanging Lanterns, Clear Glass

Our high-end Moroccan lighting fixtures are handmade by master artisans and handcrafted from quality materials using brass, copper, and metal. The choice of a Moroccan clear glass lantern, for the kitchen, the bathroom or for outdoor will give the antique look to any Mediteranean or traditional house. Choose from our large collection of vintage one of a kind Moroccan chandelier, Moorish lighting fixtures, Middle Eastern Mosque lamps, Moorish style chandeliers, clear glass pendants, Mediterranean style light fixtures, luxury clear glass hanging chandeliers, large glass hanging chandeliers, oversized clear glass lanterns, Moorish style clear glass hanging lamps, Mosque style light fixtures, clear glass wall sconces, Mediteranean clear glass chandeliers, Marrakech clear glass lamps, Moroccan clear glass candle lamps, Middle Eastern hanging clear glass chandeliers, exotic hanging pendant lighting, Syrian lighting fixture, Middle Eastern high end Mosque lamps and chandeliers, Moorish style lamps and Marrakech lanterns. Moorish clear glass lanterns for Mediterranean and Spanish style homes. Our Moroccan pendants may work as a wall-sconce if you hang them from the wall using wall-bracket.