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1940s Moroccan Tribal Rug African Ethnic Textile Floor Covering

1940s Moroccan Tribal Rug African  Ethnic Textile Floor Covering.
Vintage semi antique, Moroccan tribal rug, nomadic African Tuareg rug, wool and cotton embroidered geometrical modernist designs and adorned with sequins.
22 ft Moroccan runner ethnic textile.
Rare Moroccan Bohemian style floor covering textile, handwoven by women for their wedding day.
From Morocco, this style of berber rug or Handira is from the Zemmour tribe.
The design on this ethnic carpet is dark vilolet, red, purple and pink in geometrical motifs on a dark fushia background and adorned with some sequins to sparkle under the moon light.
This rug was used for room separation in the Berber tents and for weddings as a background.
Those ethnic textiles are light for easy folding and travel for the Nomadic people in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.
Rare collector Moroccan Berber textile with beautiful color combination in organic dyes wool.
Size: 22ft x 3 ft wide.