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Minotti Alps Rug Black Sheepskin Italy

This "ALPS Rug" crafted by Minotti Studio, epitomizes grand elegance with its plush pile. Constructed from black sheepskin sourced from New Zealand, renowned for producing the finest sheepskin globally, the Alps is a testament to luxury.

Boasting an exceptionally durable and robust pile, the rug also exudes a soft and warm texture. This unique combination of strength and softness enhances its luxurious feel, providing an ultra-comfortable experience.
Sheepskin, known for its durability, anti-static properties, and sound-absorbing qualities, further adds to the rug's appeal.

Backed with fabric and adorned with the distinctive Minotti logo, the ALPS Rug is a masterpiece that combines aesthetics with functionality.

It retail from $ 26000 and is only available to custom size lead time is 2 years.
Make it yours today very hard to find and we have it in stock and ready to enjoy.

Handmade from 100% New Zealand sheepskin pelts and non-slip fabric backing.
Some missing hair at the end and one small spot see pictures or ask for more pictures.
Designed by Minotti Studio in Italy.
Dimensions: 10.5 ft x 9 ft.

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